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Having studied International Business as well as Chinese at University, GetBioPak’s global presence made it an attractive company for me to launch and build my career. From my first role in Hangzhou as a graduate to my current role in Shanghai as General Manager of Sales – North Asia, I have been fortunate to work in multiple roles and departments in the business and have been able to interact with customers and colleagues from all corners of the globe.

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I appreciate the opportunity and experience the organization had provided to me since I started as a Senior Sales Executive in GetBioPak more than ten years ago to work as a Regional Business Development Manager today.

As I meet with customers and colleagues in different countries, people often ask me why I’ve worked for more than ten years in one company and my reply would be that my great colleagues at GetBioPak had kept me motivated to strive for future success


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Damon Zheng is a product development manager at Getbiopak, overseeing the design, testing, and development of innovative PoS and retail solutions, such as the world’s first Cardboard Corr-a-Clip and a range of biodegradable EcoPlastic products.

Damon is passionate about the retail industry along with the exciting opportunities and challenges it presents. Working with his team of talented designers, he loves bringing new products and solutions to market, overcoming obstacles, and challenging the norm.

A GetBioPak employee for more than 15 years, Damon has worked in several departments including purchasing and the warehouse. With a thorough understanding of product capabilities, he and the team create robust, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions.

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The GetBioPak provides me with the opportunity to work for a truly global business with a head office in Hangzhou, China.  It is a fast-paced and entrepreneur-led business where I can create my own career path and make a real impact on the organization. Working in various roles in human resources, both locally and globally, has allowed me to build my skills whilst developing people within the business

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Transitioning from a finance & commercial role, through to sales and now an opportunity to run a business offshore, GetBioPak provides the scope to build your skill set and grow your career. A truly global company, dealing with some of the world’s largest brands the business continues to provide challenges which make you better

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Successful Collaboration Root Café

Our partnership with Root Café is founded on shared values of sustainability and excellence. By providing high-quality, eco-friendly coffee paper cups, we have supported Root Café in maintaining its environmental commitments. Our team has worked diligently to understand their needs, ensure quality, and deliver customized solutions that enhance their brand.

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What Makes a Good Disposable Coffee Cup

Good disposable coffee cup combines high-quality materials, effective insulation, ergonomic design, leak resistance, eco-friendliness, customization options, cost-effectiveness, and regulatory compliance.

acceptance inspection standards of disposable coffee cups

Acceptance Inspection Standards Of Disposable Coffee Cup

By adhering to rigorous acceptance inspection standards, manufacturers like Get Bio Pak Co., Ltd ensure that their disposable coffee cups meet the highest quality benchmarks, providing customers with reliable products for everyday use.