Biodegradable Corn Starch Food Packaging Manufacturer

Corn starch food packaging manufacturing by bio-poly PLA bioplastics derived from agricultural waste for fast-food chains and supermarkets

Features Corn Starch Food Packagings


Made of corn starch or waste starch environmentally-considerate raw material


Compostable in 180 Days and Becomes fertilizer for Plants, safe fall into lanfill


Can Withstands within high temperature 140°C (Hot) or down to -5°C (Cold)


Microwaven, Fridge and Freezer safe, can carry boiling & cold food and beverage


Sturdy and reliable package to ensure food protection during transportation and handling

Types of cornstarch food packaging

Cornstarch packaging is a superb choice for food packaging due to its versatility, allowing it to be molded into various forms and shapes.

corn starch food packaging containers


Biodegardable Corn Starch Disposal Tableware

round plate cornstarch food dish

Cornstarch Round Dish Plate

Available 6"/7"/8"/9"/10"
three compartments round corn starch food plate

Cornstarch 3 Comparts Plate

Available 9"/10"
square corn starch food tray packaging

Cornstarch Square Food Tray

Available from 220 ml to 1200 ml
rectangular cornstarch food tray packaging supermarket

Cornstarch Rectangular Food Tray

Available from 220 ml to 1200 ml
cornstarch clamshell hinged box

Cornstarch Clamshell HINGED Box

Available from 500 ml to 1200 ml
cornstarch lunch round bowl with lid

Cornstarch Lunch Round Bowl

Available from 300 ml to 1500 ml
disposable corn starch 5 compart food container with lid

Cornstarch Food Container

Available from 380 ml to 950 ml
corn starch cutlery kit set

Cornstarch Cutlery Kit Set

Available 5"/6"/7"/8"

Is cornstarch packaging environmentally friendly?

Biodegradable and renewable corn starch tableware is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic tableware.

corn packaging containers

Image from: PakFactory

Certified Quality

Clean production. Guaranteed quality. Safe food. No leaks. No odor.Biodegradable compost in Europe EN13432

din gepruft 5 ce
iso certification.01 9001
iso certification14001

Guarantee Manufacturing & Shipping Timetable

Producing high-quality and eco-friendly products with advanced facilities, scientific management & strict quality control.

Manufacturing time: 10 days

The refined corn starch is blended with other biodegradable materials to enhance strength and durability, ensuring the final product is robust and eco-friendly.

Loading time: 1 day

Premium paperboard carton with soft loading, fragile pick out available

Packaging time: 3 days

The mixture is poured into molds and subjected to heat and pressure to create uniform, high-quality tableware like plates, bowls, and cutlery.

Shipping time: 15-30 days

Get your goods from custom quickly with our comprehensive clearance documents and fruitfully enjoy your shipment.

Our Pass Successes Testimonials

John Louis

United States


“Switching to biodegradable corn starch packaging from Get Bio Pak has been a game-changer for us. Not only are we reducing our environmental footprint, but our customers appreciate the eco-friendly approach. The packaging is durable and maintains the quality of our food perfectly.”

Adam Powell

United Kingdom


“We have been using Get Bio Pak’s biodegradable corn starch packaging for over a year now, and the results have been outstanding. Our customers love the sustainable option, and we have noticed a significant positive impact on our brand image. The packaging is reliable and performs excellently under various conditions.”

Michelle Franklin



“We chose Get Bio Pak for their biodegradable corn starch packaging, and it has been a fantastic experience. The packaging is not only eco-friendly but also strong and reliable, keeping our products safe and fresh. Our customers have given us great feedback, and we are proud to offer a sustainable packaging solution.”

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