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Branded custom airline paper cups replacing plastic ones for inflight catering.

Certified Quality

Service Global. Hygienic production. Quality assurance. Food Safety. No leakage. No Smell.

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Explore Your Customized Airplane Paper Cups

Custom for inflight disposable aircraft catering options

qatar airways airplane paper cups factory

Single Wall Paper Cup

Customized disposable single walled heavy-duty premium paperboard (6oz 7oz 8oz 10oz)

canada airline paper cups 7oz suppliers

Double Wall Paper Cup

Extra insulation wrapped layers great for a more comfortable hand-holding(6oz 7oz 8oz 10oz )

airport ripple wall paper cup 7oz manufacturer

Ripple Wall Paper Cup

Corrugated wrapped triple walled with heavy-duty premium paperboard insulation(6oz 7oz 8oz 10oz )

disposable paper cup smooth and round
paper cup bottom no leakage
customized coffee paper cup factory

Customized Services to Meet Your Needs

airline paper cups supplier factory in china

Paper Type

150-320 GSM paper with 1 Or 2 Side PE Coated

airplane paper cup supplies kraft

Paper Color

White or Brown Kraft or Bamboo paper

singapore airline paper cups factory

Printing Design

Flexo & offset printing with max 6 colors

custom paper cup packaging

Packaging Way

Seaworthy customized cartons packed

Tailored Design For Your Airline catering service

Get Bio Pak Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer supplier of inflight Airline catering customized disposable paper cups, 7oz 8oz 10oz for bids Qatar Canada Ethiopian Alaska Singapore Aircraft.

Serve the passengers tea, coffee, water, juices etc. With thousands of people flying around the world every day, your brand has a wide global reach.

Airlines often use these paperboard cups as an opportunity for branding. The paper cups may carry the airline’s logo or colors, contributing to the overall branding experience for passengers.

To save space during storage and transportation, airline disposable cups are often designed to be stackable, making it easier for flight attendants to manage and distribute them efficiently.

The design of aircraft paperboard cups takes into consideration ease of handling by both passengers and cabin crew. They should be easy to hold and drink from, even in the confines of an airplane seat.

Cups used on airplanes must comply with aviation safety standards. This includes being flame-resistant and meeting other safety regulations to ensure the well-being of passengers.

In recent times, there has been a growing emphasis on eco-friendly materials. Some airlines are transitioning to cups made from sustainable and biodegradable materials to reduce environmental impact.

New trend of replacing plastic cups with paper cup: Alaska Airlines Paper Cup

getbiopak airline paper cup

7oz new water-based barrier coated paper cup, 100% plastic free

Guarantee Manufacturing & Shipping Timetable

Manufacturing time: 14 days

We customize, print, cut, and form paper cups on high-speed machines after inspecting the raw materials.

Loading time: 1 day

Premium paperboard carton with soft loading, fragile pick out available

Packaging time: 5 days

We pack cartons with paper cups on high-speed machines and inspect shaped cups during the process.

Shipping time: 15-30 days

Get your goods from custom quickly with our comprehensive clearance documents and fruitfully enjoy your shipment.

Catering Trends On Flights

As per current trends and environmental legal demands, most of airlines company will stop using the plastic cups on abord and usage of airlines paper cup will be more popular, because it will enhance the quality of service and foster a more positive relationship with environment around.

“Win a bid from airlines company!”

Developing cooperation with airlines is one of our company’s priorities. To serve passengers on board, we provide airline disposable paper cups for hot and cold beverages. The paper cups are made of FSC certified cardboard. For added recognition, your airline’s logo can be printed on the bottom or body of the in-flight catering cups.

Best Airplane Inflight Catering Paper Cups For Airline Company

Our Pass Successes Testimonials

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Andrea H.

United Kingdom


I love Alaska Airline because we are a family. We are a company of people with a rich heritage and a bright future, it is lucky to meet our new member Get Bio Pak, we work fruitly on paperboard cups subject, and hope we can achieve more!

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Andreas Jodan



The cups from Get Bio Pak Co., Ltd were the perfect addition to my inflight experience, providing a high-quality and sustainable option for enjoying my favorite beverages. I hope to see more airlines follow in Emirates’ footsteps and choose environmentally friendly options like these in the future. I am extremely satisfied with my experience with Emirates and their use of paper cups from Get Bio Pak Co.

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Ivory Padberg



The purchasing process was also seamless and the delivery was prompt. The customer service team at Get Bio Pak was friendly and helpful, making my experience with them all the more positive.I highly recommend Get Bio Pak’s airplane paper cups to anyone looking for a high-quality, eco-friendly and visually appealing alternative to plastic cups. I will definitely be purchasing from them again in the future!

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