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Stand out by embossed unique texture customized insulation double wall hot coffee paper cups

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Unique stylish custom embossed on outside layer

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Rich color customized labeling printing

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Available in 8oz 12oz 16oz

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Different embossed type

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Certified Quality

Service worldwide. Clean production. Guaranteed quality. Safe food. No leaks. No odor.

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Customized Services to Meet Your Needs

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Paper Type

150-320 GSM paper with 1 Or 2 Side PE Coated

different color embossed paper cups

Paper Color

White or Brown Kraft or Bamboo paper

embossed double wall paper cups manufacturerfactory

Printing Design

Flexo & offset printing with max 6 colors

custom paper cup packaging

Packaging Way

Seaworthy customized cartons packed

Tailored embossed Design For Your Brand promotions

Get Bio Pak Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer supplier of embossed customized disposable double wall paper cups, 8oz 12oz 16oz available.

Our embossed paper cups are the perfect solution for coffee shops looking to enhance their brand with customized paper cups. Explore our collection today, and we’ll help you deliver an unforgettable coffee experience to your customers.

Our embossed double wall coffee paper cups provide an exceptional opportunity for branding. The unique texture and customization options allow businesses to prominently display their logos, taglines, or any other branding elements. This not only enhances brand visibility but also creates a lasting impression on customers. With these cups, your brand becomes an integral part of the coffee-drinking experience, leaving a positive and memorable impact on consumers.

Ensuring the safety of the end consumer is a top priority, and our embossed double wall coffee paper cups adhere to the highest standards of food safety. The materials used in manufacturing are thoroughly tested and certified to be free from harmful substances. Our commitment to food safety means that customers can enjoy their hot beverages with confidence, knowing that the cups meet stringent quality and safety requirements. This dedication to food safety also reflects positively on your brand, building trust among your customers.

The innovative double-wall design of our coffee cups serves a dual purpose of insulation and comfort. The double layers effectively maintain the temperature of hot beverages, keeping them warmer for a more extended period without the need for an additional sleeve. This feature not only enhances the overall coffee-drinking experience but also eliminates the risk of customers burning their hands. The thoughtful design ensures that your customers can enjoy their hot drinks comfortably while appreciating the quality of your cups.

The materials used are sourced responsibly, and the cups are fully recyclable. Choosing our cups aligns your brand with environmentally conscious practices, showcasing a commitment to reducing environmental impact. As consumers become more environmentally aware, providing eco-friendly options can set your business apart and contribute to a positive brand image.

New trend of replacing plastic cups with paper cup: Alaska Airlines Paper Cup

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12 oz new embossed  water-based barrier coated paper cup, 100% plastic free

Guarantee Manufacturing & Shipping Timetable

Manufacturing time: 14 days

We customize, print, cut, and form paper cups on high-speed machines after inspecting the raw materials.

Loading time: 1 day

Premium paperboard carton with soft loading, fragile pick out available

Packaging time: 5 days

We pack cartons with paper cups on high-speed machines and inspect shaped cups during the process.

Shipping time: 15-30 days

Get your goods from custom quickly with our comprehensive clearance documents and fruitfully enjoy your shipment.

Our Pass Successes Testimonials

Winfield Labadie

United States


I am thoroughly impressed with the embossed double wall coffee paper cups from this manufacturer! The unique texture adds a touch of sophistication to my coffee experience. The insulation keeps my hot beverages at the perfect temperature, and the customization options allowed me to showcase my brand in a stylish way. Excellent quality and attention to detail. I highly recommend these cups to any coffee business looking to stand out.

Frank Powell

United Kingdom


These embossed double wall cups not only exceeded my expectations but also delighted my customers. The texture is a standout feature, and the insulation ensures that our specialty coffees stay hot for longer. The manufacturer’s commitment to customization allowed us to showcase our logo beautifully. Our customers have noticed the difference, and we’ve received numerous compliments.

Michelle Duhamel



I recently ordered a batch of embossed double wall coffee paper cups for my events, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The unique texture adds a premium feel, and the double wall insulation is a game-changer for keeping beverages hot without burning hands. The customization options allowed me to create cups that perfectly matched my event theme.

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