Certified paper cups supplier by FSC, ISO, BRC, Flustix PLASTIC FREE and OK Compost EN13432

certificated custom paper cup manufacturer china


Necessary certifications helps wholesalers manage risks, maintain high standards and meet both customs regulatory and consumer expectations

Quality Assurance

Certifications imply that the paper cups have been tested for strength, leak resistance, and overall durability

Health and Safety

Food safety certifications ensure that the materials used are safe for contact with food and beverages

Environmental Compliance

Ensure comply with local, national, and international laws, non-certified products can lead to legal penalties, or product recalls

Reputation and Trust

End consumers are increasingly aware of and concerned about the safety and sustainability of the products they use

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As a certified paper cup manufacturer, we are dedicated to the highest standards of excellence. Our FSC, ISO, BRC, Flustix PLASTIC FREE, and OK-Compost EN13432 certifications attest to our commitment to quality and sustainability. These certifications ensure our paper cups are durable, reliable, and environmentally friendly, making them a superior choice for any business.


With certifications like BRC and ISO, we guarantee that our production facilities operate under strict quality control and hygiene standards. These certifications assure that our paper cups are safe for food contact, free from contaminants, and produced in a secure, controlled environment. The Flustix PLASTIC FREE certification further underscores our commitment to eliminating harmful plastics from our products, providing an added layer of safety for both consumers and the environment.

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