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Double wall paper cups are designed with an extra layer of premium paperboard and a textured pattern for additional insulation to protect drinkers to enjoy hot or cold beverages.

Get Bio Pak, a leading manufacturer of disposable double wall insulated paper cups, made from premium water-based aqueous barrier coated paperboard with customized printing designs for catering and hospitality suppliers, wholesale ranging from 8 ounces to 20 ounces, to accommodate different drink volumes.

Printed Insulated Doube Wall Paper Cups

The disposbale double wall thermal cup design adds an extra layer heat insulation making them suitable for a wide range of hot drinks, durable and leak-resistant. 

Superior Insulation: designed to maintain the temperature of your beverages, keeping them hot or cold for an extended period, ensuring you enjoy your drinks just the way you like them.

Customizable Printing: Add a personalized touch to your cups with eye-catching prints that not only make your beverages more enjoyable but also promote your brand and create a lasting impression.

Leak-Resistant: Crafted with precision, these cups are engineered to prevent leaks, ensuring your drinking experience is mess-free and enjoyable.

Cool to the Touch: Despite the hot contents within, these cups remain cool on the outside, making them comfortable and safe to hold, even with steaming beverages.

Sustainable Choice: Get Bio Pak’s commitment to sustainability shines through in these cups, as they are made from eco-friendly materials, aligning with your eco-conscious values.

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Gold Foil Stamping double wall coffee paper cups

UV Coating, Varnishing, Glossy Lamination, Stamping, Matt Lamination, VANISHING, Gold Foil

Custom Printing Double Wall Paper Cup

Custom double wall paper cups are a great way to promote your brand with professionalism and style. By adding your logo, designs, or event advertisements to your paper cups, you can create a lasting impression on your customers.

With our extensive paper inventory and in-house manufacturing capabilities, we swiftly cater to diverse customization needs, including kraft paperboard, size variations, and precise logo printing.

Having worked with many top names in the catering industry, we’ve accumulated much experience & expertise in creating custom double walled paper cups that matches your brand identity.

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Get Wholesales Rate double wall paper coffee cups

Any amounts paid to Get Bio Pak for the purchase of their products are secured. Below is an outline of costs you should know

Design Fee

Offer FREE design fee for any designs at wholesale price

Template Fee

Felxo Pringing setup charge

120 USD/ Color for each size

Shipping Fee

Pay the sea transportation from China to your seaport closeby. Get Bio Pak offers you the convenience of any kind

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Sample Fee

Samples (1-5 units per size) stock for FREE, just need pay express freight to your address.

30% Advance Fee

You can decide to either pay the full amount or pay 30% of the full payment for the wholesale.

70% Balance Fee

Complete your balance payment within a certain period before ship out and receive the products you ordered for.

Guarantee manufacturing & shipping time

Manufacturing time: 14 days

We do customized printing, cutting, forming the paper cup on high speed making machines, process with cup raw material inspection in advance

Loading time: 5 days

Well palleted or premium paperboard carton packed as per customer requirement, with soft loading into container, broken or fragile pick out 

Packaging time: 5 days

We do carton packging when forming the paper cup on high speed making machines, process with shaped cups inspection during that

Shipping time: 15-30 days

We provide full set of custom clearance documents before you receive the vessel goods notification, get your goods from custom fruitly

Our Happy Clients!

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Stephanie, Merle



This company is great to work with. They are so reliable and their products are high quality at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend this company and their merchandise, Great product, timely delivery and great communication. Will be happy to order again. Would recommend to anyone.

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Andrew, Jodan

United Kingdom


I have been in the double wall paper cup market for some time, but every quote I received seemed to be an unobtainable quantity. I researched many different companies and Get Bio Pak provided me with some of the best customer service and options. I had a lot of questions and they were able to answer all of them and correct some of the misinformation I received from other companies. I would be happy to continue working with this company.

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Hayley Hanson



It was my first time trying water-based Double wall paper cup and I’m glad I ordered from this seller. The quality is beyond great. It’s easy to work with and it doesn’t peel, not even a bit. Later I bought paper cup from another seller and it was disastrous, it leakage instantly… Now I know, what good quality double walled paper cup looks like and I will definitely be ordering from this seller again.

Get Bio Pak
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