Fast food Bagasse tableware

Ideal for take-away food packaging

The sugarcane food tableware is used simple and sturdy – perfect for packing a full meal on-the-go. Suitable for home composting and certified carbon neutral.


Ideal for take-away food packaging

  • Sugarcane bagasse tableware are an economical fast food packaging option
  • Microwaven, Fridge and Freezer safe, can carry boiling & cold food or beverage
  • Disposable Sugarcane bagasse tableware have a 12-month shelf life
  • Derived from the corn kernel, it consists of most corn starch. Tree-free, non-toxic, 100% natural and biodegradable, a sustainable and renewable resource

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“We have scoured the options on the market, and I haven't found a company that beats Get GioPAK on speed, quality and price. I am not surprised that they have been growing so fast. I've recommended them to many friends and colleagues who have started e-commerce companies, and they're now happy customers of Get BioPAK as well.”


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“When we first started, we were concerned about the quality of our bio food packaging project. However, our sample order from China was flawless, giving us the confidence to make GBP our preferred partner for branded tableware. It definitely works, and GBP was the first to produce it.”


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"I was looking for a reliable bagasse sugarcane bowl factory that's comfortable, fashionable and good for any new market requirements. That search is now happily over"

Diane Griffiths