Sugarcane Bagasse Biodegradable Tableware

Sugarcane bagasse biodegradable tableware is made from sugarcane fiber, a waste product, and is compostable, eco-friendly, and a sustainable alternative to plastic.

Available in a wide range of serving multi-comparts containers, clamshell, round bowls and rectangle containers for food packaging.

  • Sugarcane bagasse tablewares are made of natural plant fibers waste environmentally-considerate raw material.
  • Sugarcane fiber products meet rigorous international standards and made from 100% reclaimed and renewable material.
  • Good physical properties, various complex and special shapes can be made according to client’s requirements.
  • All suitable for hot and cold food. Cut resistant, moisture and greaseproof, freezer and microwave oven safe

Packed with features

GETBIOPAK sugarcane bagasse tableware is a sustainable alternative to petro-chemical-based products, with less carbon footprint. Non-toxic,100% harmless to the human body, can be made into various designs and shapes.


Meet ASTM standards for compostability


Good for food & beveage retail packaging with nice lid match


Good physical properties, various complex and special shapes


No Customise printing but can be embossed with customer’s logo

Our Happy Clients!

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Christopher Johansen


I had a fantastic experience ordering bagasse containers from Get Bio Pak. They were very responsive and helped me every step of the way. Final product exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend!
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Catherine Richard


Perfect product. Fast response & the best customer service possible. It does take some time to get final product but is worth the wait. You will not find a better company to work with!!
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We created a large custom order and our consultant Jamie was incredibly attentive and helpful throughout the entire process. In a time when so many have experienced supply chain interruptions and shipping delays, we were pleased to actually receive our cups within the timeframe provided. We were also really pleased with the quality of both the cup and the printing. Thank you!

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