How Coffee Can Increase Sales & Attract Customers This Christmas?

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The December holidays are quickly approaching. This is a busy shopping season and time to exchange gifts, with Christmas, Hanukkah, and other celebrations.

With all of the extra foot traffic, café owners have a great opportunity to increase sales by offering additional services and products. It’s also an excellent time to encourage customers to indulge in rich, warm beverages and seek refuge in a cozy coffee shop. Continue reading to learn how to use seasonal offerings to attract new customers and increase profits.

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Make a gift that is only available during the holiday season. This is an excellent way to entice existing customers to spend a little more money. Consider the success of the pumpkin spice latte.

Use your imagination to add something new to the menu. This could be based on current trends or a modernized version of a winter classic, such as a limited-edition flavor of hot chocolate. Alternatively, you can always put your own spin on a seasonal drink, such as an eggnog latte.

Alternatively – or additionally – add new menu items. Easy ways to boost sales include British mince pies, seasonal cookies, and candy canes.

If you don’t want to change the menu, think about adding seasonal decorations. Edible glitter, candy canes, and Hanukkah gelt can all be used to elevate your standard offerings.

Consider using themed paper cups, decorating the café, and playing seasonal music. Without changing your core business, you can create a warm and welcoming holiday environment. If cold and tired shoppers see your space as a welcoming place to rest, they are more likely to purchase something.

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Roasted coffee makes an excellent gift. Bring in limited-edition coffees to sell as gifts. The holiday season is an excellent time to introduce new coffees and encourage customers to spend a little more on something special. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to promote that clean, aromatic, and fruity Kenyan that is only available for a month?

Create gift boxes with both these limited edition coffees and your regular offerings. Try selling coffees in themed packages based on origin, processing method, or profile. You can easily make a beautiful gift and increase sales with a little creativity in the presentation.

You could also collaborate with a local roaster to create limited-edition coffee boxes that promote both of your companies.

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Why limit yourself to roasted coffee? Make personalized boxes for coffee lovers. Friends and family members looking for a quick gift idea will appreciate that all of the legwork has been done for them.

Consider putting together a well-presented package that includes a bag of roasted coffee and an appropriate brewing accessory. Depending on your budget, this could be paper French press filters, a set of coffee sieves, or a new grinder.

Combine a few fine cacao bars with coffee from the same origin, or add a mug from a local ceramic artist. Thoughtful pairings can result in one-of-a-kind gifts that customers are willing to pay more for.

Other items that you can bring in for the season and keep in stock if they don’t sell out include coffee-related books, clothing, and travel mugs. You can also include gift certificates for your café so that customers can select roasted coffee with their preferred profile.

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Make seasonal experiences like holiday workshops, seasonal cuppings, or a simple Christmas party with complimentary snacks. They will bring in new customers and encourage current customers to bring their friends. Having gift packages available at events is a good way to boost sales.

If that seems too much to ask during a busy time, why not offer gift certificates for future events? A gift certificate for a cupping or barista workshop in January is a great way to avoid a slow period after the holidays.

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Free samples are a common marketing model in supermarkets. We can also withdraw some free coffee items and customize disposable paper cups for this purpose, which will save money while also increasing marketing. As people become more familiar with the takeaway culture, our coffee brand will be seen by more people. Holiday limiters are often easier to pique customer interest in, same as Starbucks Coffee has done, greatly increasing the brand’s influence.

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Many people are thinking about how they can give back at this time of year. Consider donating a portion of the proceeds from each seasonal product sold or making charitable donations. This could be for a local charity or a coffee-related charity.

Customers will want to know more about the project you’re working on. A discussion about the initiative has the potential to forge long-term community bonds.

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Similarly, if you serve coffee from a social justice project or buy from direct trade suppliers on a regular basis, make that clear. Customers may be more willing to patronize a café that they know is concerned about the community.

There are many ways to increase sales and attract customers this holiday season, whether you choose to transform your café into an all-out winter wonderland or simply add a few gift-wrapped bags of coffee to your shelves.

Market coffee accessories as gifts, introduce new products or host a holiday party. The holiday season is a fantastic opportunity for café owners like you to capitalize on.

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