900ml GetBio® Disposable Corn Starch Round Bowl With Lid

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Ø175*67 MM


300 pieces/case (50*6)

Case Size

68.5×56.5×38.5 CM

GetBio® Corn Starch Round Bowl is a sustainable alternative to petrochemical-based products, with less carbon footprint. Non-toxic, and 100% harmless to the human body, can be made into various designs and shapes due to its excellent physical properties, popular for hot or cold food like salads, soup

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US $ 0.03- 0.30
/ Piece

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*Customization: UNACCEPTABLE

*Minimum order quantity: 10,000 piece per size

*Sample: Free Samples available (max 5 pcs/size, Express freight charged)

warranty 1year

Product Details

GetBio® Disposable corn starch tableware are an economical food takeaway packaging choice. Available in a wide range of serving tray, plate, cups, cutlery, multi-comparts containers, clamshells box, round bowls and rectangle containers, unavailable in customized printing.


  • Corn starch Round Bowl are an economical Fruit, Vegetable, Meat packaging option
  • Disposable Corn starch Round Bowl have a 12-month shelf life
  • Shorter decomposition time frame, normally within 20-30 days


  • Derived from the corn kernel, it consists of most corn starch. Tree-free, non-toxic, 100% natural and biodegradable, a sustainable and renewable resource
  • Made of corn starch or waste starch environmentally-considerate raw material
  • Microwaven, Fridge and Freezer safe
  • Good physical properties, various complex and special shapes can be made according to the client’s requirements

Perfect For

hot or cold food. Great for salads, soup and so on. Ideal for picnics, restaurants, home daily used, catering and so on.

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100 % plastic-recycle


Extensive design



13 standard packaging


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terms - 2 weeks

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Plastic-recycle, our cornstarch tableware range is made of corn starch or waste starch environmentally-considerate raw material.

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Our materials and production processes are emission free, keeping nature healthy for our beverage packaging

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